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Starting in September 2020, we will be training:



All Year Group (age 5-11)



Art & Design
Product Design
Religious Education

Application process

Teacher training applications can now be received through UCAS for September 2019 start. Check eligibility criteria carefully. Apply 1 is the first stage in the process where you are able to apply for up to 3 ITT providers at the same time. These choices can be either all for just one of the UCAS Teacher Training routes, or a combination. Apply 2 is another opportunity to submit an application if you are unsuccessful in Apply 1. In Apply 2, you can continue to add choices, one at a time.

To apply to one of our schools, select the Emmanuel Teaching School Alliance then the school (campus) you wish to apply to. Within your personal statement, aim to convey a passion for teaching and your subject. Also, draw upon your recent school experience to strengthen your application. ITT providers will not receive your application until your references have been completed. Our advice would be to contact referees in the weeks leading up to the completion of your application to explain this to them.

ITT providers have 40 school days to give you a decision on whether you are going to proceed to interview. Once you have received all 3 decisions, you have 10 days to decide. You would need to update UCAS with your decision.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) is designed to ensure that a trainee is fully prepared to deliver their subject in a school based setting. Courses may be full-time or part-time, classroom based or online. SKE courses last between 8 to 28 weeks. SKE courses are fully funded, so you won’t have to pay any tuition fees.

Pre-application checklist

Watch the video from the Department for Education for your pre-application checklist

Bursaries and funding

Bursaries are provided through the Department for Education. They depend on your degree classification and chosen subject.

Start your application

UCAS administer the application process. Please click apply now to start you application.